'Even since I was a little girl, I have always wanted to create. Growing up, I would color all day long with the company of my brother and sister. 
As soon as I graduated high school, I moved to London and attained my degree in fashion design from Istituto Marangoni. I moved back to Calgary three years later and realized that there was not much of a fashion industry here.

However, I still wanted to be working in an innovative atmosphere.I worked as a stylist and a merchandiser but I was always searching for something more stimulating. Whenever I attended a henna sangeet party, I would pick up a cone and would start applying henna onto the children. It wasn’t until my cousin’s wedding in California in 2010 that my family said I should seriously consider doing henna on the side. Since I was always the curious kid sitting behind the henna artist, watching her every move as she painted the bride’s hands and feet with intricate designs, it made sense.

Once I found out the Ash Kumar Henna course was not limited to England, I knew I just had to take it. I traveled to Vancouver to partake in the Ash Kumar 4-day henna course; it exceeded all my expectations. I remember walking into the warmly lit conference room and being greeted by lovely smiling faces of the instructors. Candles were lit, beautiful music circled the room and the icing on the cake was the smell of mehndi that filled the air! I didn’t think it could get better then that until Mr. Kumar burst through the doors; his presence had us all memorized. We hung on his every word! I remember not even wanting to go on break because all I wanted to do was soak in all the knowledge I could from such a successful and inspiring businessman. It really is impossible to explain what happened over those 4-days; it’s something anyone who is interested in henna has to experience for themselves. It was THAT incredible that I even ended up taking the makeup course a few month after. 

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