'I have been a very creative person from young age, drawing henna designs on paper from the age of 7. The passion of creativity, colour and design led me to completing my degree in Product Design and becoming a full-time designer, combined with a passion in beauty, dance and photography. With over 10 years experience in henna behind me, I felt it was time to take the next step in building a new career,and enrolled to the best academy around - The Ash Kumar

Beauty Academy to improve my henna skills and learn some new ones. With top educators, Mr. Kumar, Belle B, Kajal and the entire team by my side, I completed the 8-day hair and make-up course and the 5-day henna course. I have gained skills and knowledge in creating traditional looks to looks with a modern touch including business advice,  which led me to successfully  starting my own business. The one-to-one with Mr Kumar was an amazing experience itself. In a matter of few hours I was bursting with excitement and confidence by learning different aspects of  marketing and learning new henna styles. My success has gained me new clients and international bookings.

I am extremely passionate and dedicated about offering my artistry to create the perfect, unique and head-turning  look, whether it's elegant and natural or glitzy and glamorous. Moving forward, I would like to join the academy in
the future. If it wasn't for the AK team, I wouldn't be where I am today and I would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart for all their undivided knowledge, skills, enthusiasm and passion to teach me everything. 

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