When I approached the Ash Kumar Academy, I decided to take the Hair and Make Up course having in mind that it is a well established, recommended and reputable company to learn from. The first day of the course is when I began to love the AK brand. The commitment from the management team in the UK and America was so motivating to see and the experiences they

shared were so inspirational.I loved the quality of teaching in the educators, who are also leading by example with their knowledge and skills. I love how AK is all about sharing knowledge and new ideas, just as graduates share outstanding work they produce in Henna, Hair and Make Up posted daily on the graduate’s web page. Most of all I loved the first ever interaction our class had with the humble, talented, inspiring man... Mr Kumar.

I began my journey with AK in June 2013, the course was scheduled for a full 8 days at the London studio. This 8 day course, unexpectedly, took me through a complete life changing experience, which is still ongoing 5 months later. The course was more than what I expected. As well as having a structured learning process with commendable practical and theoretical aspects to the learning, the environment in which this had all taken place was priceless!

Soon after I had the chance to be trained by Mr Kumar in henna!! The 5 day Henna course was unbelievable. Mr. Kumar's undeniable qualities, his character along with his genuine interest in each individual students learning, increased my respect for the AK brand. I was even lucky enough to have Mr Kumar apply a bridal design on my hand, on the last day. A moment I will never forget.

Coming to the brand to learn bridal Hair and Make Up and walking away with so much in return is an absolute honour. I cannot thank the entire AK team enough for honouring me with such amazing experiences in such a short space of time, and in the process giving me confidence and skills in hair, makeup, styling and henna. What a crazy journey so far and this is just the beginning!

If there was anything I could suggest to aspiring artists, I would say that good morals and ethics are difficult to find in well known brands and the people behind the brand, but I am proud to say that I am associated to a brand that strives off giving exceptional skills and relevant advice and guidance to help their graduates become successful artists. If you learn from Ash Kumar then treat every opportunity, as it is you're last and be prepared to walk out of the doors feeling inspired, confident and excited for your future.

Today I am truly honoured to say that I am now an Ash Kumar qualified Hair & Make up & Henna Artist.

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