I grew up with a dream and passion to establish myself in the Beauty Industry. Over the years I have got a lot of inspiration from Mr.Kumar’s work. I love the brand because the brand has given me a lot of opportunity and respect whilst I have been working and training with them. It's quite hard to find a brand in which students and aspiring artists progress.

Before I trained with the Ash Kumar Academy, I had basic knowledge of Makeup & Henna. I used to question myself that "will I actually learn makeup In just 8 days?". The fear in my heart grew and nerves began to kick in, however as I began my training at the studio, I began to realise that there is a certain technique behind every look, once you get the hang of that technique, your skills will automatically improve. As I got to grips with the simple techniques of applying makeup & henna, my skills began to improve and my work started to speak for itself. 

Being associated with a world renowned brand such as the Ash Kumar Group of Companies has really helped build my profile as an artist. I've been able to improve existing skills and better myself as an artist with help & guidance from Mr. Kumar and my educators. I couldn't have reached the platform that I am standing on now if it wasn't for the brand.

I am a strong believer in following your hearts every desire. No matter what decision you make in life, follow the voice in your heart and grab hold of every great opportunity that comes your way. If you want to pursue a career in the beauty industry then follow that dream and make it happen. I know I did. Don't waste your time thinking - you never know when it could be too late. You build your own pathway to success through the bricks others have thrown in your direction.

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