Taking the course at the Ash Kumar Academy has brought a lot of change in my life. Learning the tips and tricks of the trade has allowed me to enhance my existing skills and has also given me more confidence in my work. I am now able to help women look absolutely amazing by enhancing their natural beauty with the skills and techniques

I have mastered from this course.

My favourite memory from class has to be having henna applied on my hands by the legend himself, Ash Kumar. It was amazing that we were able to learn so much and also have our henna applied, making the experience a very unique and special one. 

My educator Kajal, made the experience so enjoyable because she has such a great sense of humour and made learning a breeze. She has taught me many valuable things especially much about skincare which I did not now before. Meeting and working with her was amazing and she made the course and classes ever so memorable and exciting. 

Taking the course at the AK Academy was an invaluable experience which has allowed me to learn about my passion in a fun and stimulating environment where my existing skills were refined to match the standards of Ash Kumar's skills. It was absolutely fantastic and it gave me the opportunity to meet others who also share the same passion as me which made it that bit more fun.

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