I walked into the AK studio not knowing the full extent of which my abilities were to be tested. The 8-day Hair and Makeup course not only educated us but, more importantly made the whole experience worthwhile. The vibrancy, color, atmosphere, the people, our brilliant educator and of course Mr. Kumar himself – all fit in place like a jigsaw puzzle.

Expectations were high but the outcome was without adoubt, a lot higher.Within the 8 days, I went from being a girl who has the passion and drive but no skill, to a girl that can use her skills to strive towards achieving better. 

Each day at the academy has been captured as memory. There were many moments of laughter and fun with the AK students and our educator. The wise words of Mr. Kumar increased my confidence in what I did and how I decided to approach my future as an artist. My portfolio shoot with educator Kajal was a fantastic experience and each member of the Ash Kumar team brings such positive energy and genuine support.

I take pride in calling myself an AK certified Make-up artist and truly hope I can go back in the near future and open up a new chapter for myself in the world of beauty.

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