I recall my first memory of applying henna on my hands at the age of 7 years old. The affordability for my parents to purchase henna powder was zero to none. Sitting in the back garden of my parent’s house in London, England I decided to pluck a few green leaves from the nearest bush. Grinding down these green leaves with a stone which I retrieved from the garden,then adding water to the mixture

to created a green paste, which looked to me like henna! Then finding a dry stick from the earth I dipped it into the green paste and started applying a design to the palms of my hands....

Arriving in Vancouver, BC 12 years ago my henna journey started again. A self taught henna artist for the first 10 years, I had decided that if someone was to teach me now, I want to learn from the best in the industry!

So, I enrolled onto the AK Henna Course June 2011. Mr. Kumar’s method of teaching is an art of science literally! One would think that after 10 years of experience I would have learned all I need to know about henna, design and creativity. In fact, au contraire, Mr. Kumar’s course allowed me to hone in and refine the skills I had already self acquired to create phenomenal, amazing, intricate, out of the box designs.

Mr. Kumar’s vision and passion is instilled in each and every AK Henna Artist around the Globe always inspiring, creating and breathing his confidence into each and every artist he has taught which is immeasurable. He has provided a sharing platform for all artist’s working together as a community to inquire, imagine, inspire and create from each other. I am extremely proud to be an AK Henna, Hair and Make Up Graduate.

A special BIG THANK YOU to Mr. Kumar (and his team!) for being an awe-inspiring teacher, mentor and extremely humble human being. We have all definitely learned a lot from you as I am sure many other artist’s will in the future.

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