I did Mehndi even before I did this course, but I did not have the confidence to represent myself as a professional. This course totally changed my life and my perspective of looking at mehndi as a profession. I did the course in June 2012 in NY..... my instructor was Shafeena!!! On the first day when I walked in and met her, saw the menhdi she did on her hand, the first thought came into my mind, “This is it, I am at the right place”.

The curriculum was excellent; I learned so many techniques and tricks. I loved that we got a lot of time to actually do henna and practice new techniques.

I was so fortunate to have Shafeena as my educator; she is absolutely amazing as a person and a teacher. She gave all of us personal attention and guidance. She amazed me, inspired me, motivated me; she is now my mentor.

Since graduating at the AK Henna Academy I not only do the menhdi itself but I have enough confidence to represent myself as a henna artist. I feel proud every time when I tell my clients that I am a certified AK Henna Artist.

Thank you so much to my educator Shafeena & manager Soosan!!! On the whole this journey was Magical and the Magic continues…

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