I started off with the henna course and I loved it! The time went by so fast and I learned so much. I had only applied henna once before so I didn't have much experience. After taking the henna course I was able to address a lot of areas I needed help with. I was able to correctly hold a cone, apply the right type of pressure and learn formulas and techniques to create henna designs. I was amazed with what I was able to produce the first and last day of class.

It's a world of difference. I look at my henna design I did the very first day of the course and what I was able to create the very last day after learning. I am still shocked. I remind myself of what I started out with and what I'm capable of now doing. Minal and Shafeena were very attentive and helpful. I received a lot of help from both of them. I loved the henna course so much I decided to take the make-up course too. My Educators for that course were Minal and Harps. Make-up and hair was something that I was very nervous about. I didn't have any experience in applying make-up professionally and hairstyling was something that was personally hard for me to do. It's hard to sum up in a few sentences what I learned because there was so much! My Educators were great! They explained make-up application and hairstyling in a way that was helpful and easy to understand. 

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