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"My passion for arts began at a very young age. It began the day I had my first ever dance class which eventually allowed me to graduate in Bharatnatyam. My interest for henna started from my mother applying henna on my palms when I was little, to me doodling away in my boring lessons at school to eventually holding a henna cone in my hands and applying designs on friends and family’s hands.This turned into a passion, a form of art in which

I could express my feelings, where I could have my space and live in the moment. I realised the next step was to learn this art from the best and only the best, Mr. Kumar. But, make-up was a priority as more than anything; I wanted to learn it for myself but also to see if this form of art inspires me. On the first day of my 8 day make-up, I was so excited to meet the team, especially Mr. Kumar. When the moment came for me to introduce myself to the team and the other students, just after I said my name, Mr. Kumar asked whether I loved to dance. This threw me back because I was surprised how he got the hint that I loved to dance. So I said yes but asked how he knew, and his answer was, ‘From the way you hold your pen.’ The 8days of makeup at the studios were one of best few days I had with B, Krina and my fellow colleagues. Thank you very much for such an amazing experience and B, I shall never forget – “Blend Blend is your friend.” This pushed me further to book the 5day henna course, and to be honest, this is the best decision I made, the best experience I had, gained the best knowledge from the legendary Mr. Kumar and last but not least made many good friends.

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Meet the Ak Professionals

The Ash Kumar Group of Companies is comprised of professional’s hand selected by Ash Kumar himself. From Managing Directors to Specialist Educators, they have been key in building a brand based on his vision and his philosophy on the foundation of expertise, loyalty, excellence, sharing and learning.

These highly skilled, trained group of professionals are responsible for representing not only the brand but also Ash Kumar himself. Ensuring business is conducted ethically, honestly and with integrity is of utmost importance. They pride themselves in being ambassadors and role models in the beauty industry. It is this pride and sense of leadership the team possesses that proves they are looking at the bigger picture when it comes to Asian beauty. It is their goal to deliver superiority in all aspects of the brand, treating their clients with respect, bringing refined professionalism and providing the coveted “Ash Kumar Experience”.



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Ash Kumar Products has been dedicated to bringing you the best quality products in henna, make-up and the art of beauty for over 10 years. From the precision of our henna applicators, to the smoothness of our natural henna paste, AK Products guarantee professional results each time, every time.

Our double-filtered henna powder kits, sparkling glitters, henna tattoos and body crystals have been carefully designed and sourced, to bring the you the best quality tools to create beautiful body art. Famously used on the sets of Hollywood and Bollywood and adorned by celebrities, Ash Kumar Products are now available online delivering to over 15 countries.

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