Day 2

Makeup Fashion/Evening/Reception Bridal Looks

This is the day where we address the most common asked question, ‘can you do my make up for my wedding?’ Our experts give you specifics and detailed guidance on application techniques and help boost confidence. Our professional team and majority of our past students rate this as the best day of the make up classes!

Learn how to create dramatic heavy smokey

  • eyes using cream eyeshadows, traditional and flamboyant colors with glitter, high pigment pots and false lashes (like in the magazines and as seen in movies/red carpet)

    Contouring is a more advanced makeup application skill, that when done right, can greatly enhance the structure of your face and add definition. Contouring can bring some of that back by helping to accent your bone structure and create natural looking shadows.

    At the Ash Kumar Academy we teach you contouring effects and bronzing essentials using different textures and tones.

    Introducing these advanced AK Techniques

    •  AK Smokey Seduction Eye
    •  AK Glitter Glam eye
    •  AK Liner Techniques
    • AK Bollywood Contour
    • False lashes
    • This day shows the best use of bold colours with the easiest techniques.
    •  How to finish the look with secret tips.
    • Creating the PERFECT look using eyeliner.