Day 3

Hair Basic, Bridal RegIstry and TradItional Looks

Hair is the ultimate finish to any makeover. Hair may look hard, but when made easy to learn, any look is possible. you will be provided with state of the art apparatus and equipment and a professional head doll to create hairstyles. you will learn 5 in-trend hair styles over the next 2 days.  You will also learn different curling techniques and how to use extensions to enhance your hair creations.

We start with hair basics and vital basic rules in hair alignment, sectioning and development in design. We will thoroughly concentrates in understanding hair basics and the importance of professional hair tools and a breakdown of the top products, and leading brands in the industry today.  We will also focus on creating looks and styling, tackling the most expected demands and confidently creating your own look.  Learn how to secure hair extensions, the benefits of using hair extensions and hair extension placement.