Day 5

Bridal Styling and DressIng wIth Dupatta & Sarees IncludIng Bollywood Looks

Dressing the bride perfectly for her big day is extremely important. This is one very important skill a professional must obtain when creating that ultimate look for your client.  

With step by step demonstrations, on this day you

 will learn how to drape, pleat, configure and wrap a dupatta in 8 different ways and a saree in 3 different traditional ways.

Tips on ‘how to’ fix high couture blouses/tops securely and above all, give the best tips to your client on carrying a couple of ‘lbs’ worth of embroidery on their designer outfits.

From the best advice in styling a bride to handy tips on the correct tools and equipment you will require as a professional. The bridal dressing day is the ultimate part of this course.

On this day, Ash Kumar students become certified professionals from the Ash Kumar Academy and receive their Prestigious Ash Kumar Certificates.