The Ash Kumar Group of Companies is comprised of professional’s hand selected by Ash Kumar himself. From Managing Directors to Specialist Educators, they have been key in building a brand based on his vision and his philosophy on the foundation of expertise, loyalty, excellence, sharing and learning.  

These highly skilled, trained group of professionals are responsible for representing not only the brand but also Ash Kumar himself. Ensuring business is conducted ethically, honestly and with integrity is of utmost importance. They pride themselves in being ambassadors and role models in the beauty industry. It is this pride and sense of leadership the team possesses that proves they are looking at the bigger picture when it comes to Asian beauty. It is their goal to deliver superiority in all aspects of the brand, treating their clients with respect, bringing refined professionalism and providing the coveted “Ash Kumar Experience”.


Award winning, Celebrity Makeup & Henna Artist founded an internationally recognised Beauty Brand based on the pillars to educate, empower and create opportunities for others. Through careful orchestration and attention to detail, he has built this brand through discipline, dedication and determination and delivers luxury, elegance, style and sophistication.  

Like a true artist at heart, Ash Kumar wanted to inspire, educate, empower and create opportunities for others. As a result, this led him to start his very own Training Academy in the UK, Canada and the USA.  Ash Kumar is the first South Asian Beauty Brand to break barriers into the western beauty world, becoming a cutting edge leader in henna, hair and makeup.  Encompassing Training Academies across Europe and North America, a Professional Line of Henna Products and World Renowned Bridal Services.  It has been Ash Kumar’s delivery of excellence that has made a coveted name in Asian beauty globally.

Ash Kumar was born and raised in London yet his inspiration has come from his travels across the globe and architecture, modern arts to culture.  A student of life - his ethos is to inspire, share, celebrate and learn more about the world.  

Ash Kumar's international portfolio spans from working with Corporate Organizations, Hollywood, Bollywood & Musical Stars.  Over the last decade he has had the opportunity to work with;  Virgin Media, Swarovski, Thorntons, XFactor UK, Aveda, Estée Lauder, Emirates, Cadenzza, Shah Rukh Khan, Aishwariya Rai, Julia Roberts, Madonna as well as many others.

Most recently Ash is creating work for non-beauty related companies, he is now sought after for his artistry, design & creative direction. Ash Kumar exceeded beyond arts of beauty as he challenged the traditional view of henna with new perspectives and brought it into the modern design world, creating a design lifestyle through his masterpieces. This has now became several projects and collaborations from global brands. His next chapter -Ash Kumar The Artist :


Executive Artist and Henna Educator for the Ash Kumar Academy Canada -  Dr Shafeena Premji has two deep passions and purposes in life - mendhi and medicine. She is a practicing physician in Obstetrics and Women's Health but also an extraordinary and skilled mendhi artist.

She began her henna journey at the age of 17 when she became inspired by the artistic design and history of henna and how it makes a woman feel sensual and beautiful. The process of becoming a professional artist happened without her even realizing it. She recalls "studying" the astounding work of Ash Kumar and trying to deconstruct his design process in her own mind.

Shafeena is Ash Kumars #1 fan! When she finally met him years after admiring his work, it was a dream-come-true. And when he personally asked her to join the Academy during her 2nd day in her henna course, she knew being an educator was meant for her Shafeena believes that God has blessed her with the natural skill as a henna artist, and feels that through the AK Academy, she can now inspire and help her students dreams come true.

Shafeena LOVES bridal mendhi. That's where she is inspired the most. There is gratification in spending quiet special moments with her client as she transforms her into a beautiful bride in preparation for the most important day in her life. Every bridal design is unique, each having its own focal point, and customized to suit the client.

As an Executive Artist and Henna Educator for the Ash Kumar Academy, Shafeena thoroughly enjoys the classroom time with her students. She brings a very beautiful spiritual component to the classroom where she is inspirational, motivating, warm and approachable  - all these which comes very naturally to her. In her eyes, every student represents one more opportunity to change a life, uplift a soul, and to inspire someone towards their deeper passion for art in their life.


"My love for henna started from a young age when I loved having henna applied to my hands and would hate it when it faded and disappeared." Kajal began her journey in henna, hair and makeup by qualifying from the AK Academy. Shortly after she joined the AK Agency during which time she has worked on numerous bridal bookings as well as many corporate events (including Asian Wedding Exhibition and Aveda) and travelled on numerous international bookings to amazing destinations such as Florence, Barcelona, Monte Carlo, Santorini and Venice. She has assisted on many high profile bookings including makeup and styling for the Mittal engagement and backstage work at XFactor. Kajal always strives to achieve the highest standard in her work. "Being a part of a bride's big day and making them feel extra special has been a highlight of my journey so far. I am so fortunate to be able to do what I love and share it with others."

In 2011 she became an AK educator. “Take any opportunity that comes to you, who knows where it will take you,” says Kajal. As an educator she believes learning together with practice is key to success. Kajal loves sharing her knowledge and experience, and seeing her students grow. Her aim is always to motivate and give hope to aspiring artists, and has a way of putting students at ease. “I always remember my experience when I was at the academy, and want my students to leave with what I did: technical skills, inspiration, motivation and confidence.”

Kajal is known for her intricate and detailed henna designs, and believes in the power of practice which has helped her be in the position she is in today. “This industry is constantly changing, and am proud to be part of a brand that is leading this change” says Kajal. Her passion, commitment and love for the art is evident in her work, and Kajal has worked hard and dedicated her professional practice to the AK brand.


Soosan Ladha has been with the Ash Kumar Group of Companies since 2010.  While Soo's academic background is in Education, she had the opportunity to be trained at the Ash Kumar Studios in London to pursue her interest in Henna.  Mr. Ash Kumar was impressed by Soo's passion and ambition, and within just a few short weeks of returning to the USA, she was offered a key position as Training Course Advisor for North America.  

Soo’s professionalism, natural flair in management, her dedication to the Brand combined with her organization and leadership skills, led to her current position-Managing Director of The Ash Kumar Group of Companies (Global).  Reporting directly to Mr. Ash Kumar, she oversees the day to day operations in every segment of the Brand (Ash Kumar Artist Agency,  Ash Kumar Academy UK and USA, Ash Kumar Beauty Shop Online UK, USA and Canada)

She shares Mr. Kumar's vision in expanding the already established global AK platform for aspiring artists, empowering them with the reach, tools, materials and drive to succeed in the world of beauty. Driving his core belief that every single person who touches the Brand, should have an “Ash Kumar Experience.”   Ash Kumar-the brand, have set the standard for other Asian Beauty Companies Globally to follow suit, by surpassing expectations and bringing the wider beauty community together.

Soosan has achieved many accomplishments as a businesswoman within the AK Brand sector, and is fast becoming a role model for many aspiring Asian Women in business.  What drives her is the belief that woman can have  it all.  She believes that you can be a mom, a wife, a friend, a sister and a career woman without sacrificing one for the other.  “The secret to success......Work harder than you are working right now”.


Indi believes henna is a form of art which allows individuals to feel beautiful and special. Her creativity and skill in henna art surfaced from the inspiration of Ash Kumar’s stunning henna designs. It was her passion and admiration that led her to complete the AK Henna Course in 2013. Since the course she has become more confident and has showcased her work in a variety of professional portfolio shoots.  She has developed a variety of ingenious designs and her portfolios capture the essence of her talent.

Being part of the Ash Kumar Artist Agency was always Indi’s dream.   She believes that by having faith, passion and patience, dreams do come true.  


Sarina began her exciting journey with the AK brand in 2012. Her passion for Makeup bought her to the AK Studios in London’s where she went on to complete the AK Hair Makeup & Henna Course, and then showcased her skills in a professional portfolio shoot which was later featured in a Magazine.

Since then Sarina has been part of incredible experiences at AK. This includes being part of the talented Makeup & Styling Team for high end client bookings as well as numerous international bookings.

Her creativity, energy and warming personality caught Mr Kumar's eye which opened an amazing door of opportunity for her to become part of the Elite Management Team at AK heading the AK Artist Agency.

As The Artist Manager for the global team (AK International Makeup and Henna Artists) Sarina is responsible for a worldwide client base, delivering the highest standards expected by the Brand to all her clients from intimate family events, high profile corporate events to lavish celebrity weddings.

Sarina is living the dream of being a part of the most prestigious brand and experiencing history in the making . She endeavours to always bring her fresh positive energy to ensure that every bride has the ultimate AK experience.

She believes that if you keep faith in your passion and natural abilities then your passion and natural abilities will always speak for itself.


Growing up in a vibrant culture where weddings are anything but a small celebration, Mandeep always felt a keen passion for henna. From the art of creating beautiful designs to the sheer joy of watching the response as she dwelled in forming magic, she knew that henna art was an inbred talent that she had to explore.

Although her desire was to create all sorts of art with henna, she was truly inspired to transform this hobby into a profession after she attended Mr Kumar's studio for an open day in 2010.

From than there was no looking back and she attended a 5 day henna course at the AK studio and was hand picked by Mr Kumar himself to join the AK agency in 2011.

Today Mandeep is living her dream representing the AK agency offering her expertise in creating personalized and complex designs for brides, guest henna packages as well as henna at international and corporate events.


From an early age, Jasmin’s creative flair and interest in art became apparent to others around her. She was always fascinated with the art of henna and loved having it applied on her hands. She never thought that she would be the one applying this beautiful art form on others.

Jasmin began her journey with the AK Brand in 2012. It was her passion for henna that led her straight to the doors of the Ash Kumar Academy. She then she has gone on to showcase her skills on a professional portfolio shoots. Jasmin feels fortunate to be part of the  Ash Kumar Artist Agency and  loves all the experiences such as being part of a talented team on high profile henna bookings and international bookings. She has gained valuable experience, which has helped her develop as an artist.

The love and dedication that Jasmin has for the art has seen her grow and succeed as an artist. She always strives to make a bride look and feel beautiful on her big day. Her clients have always valued her patience, outgoing and friendly personality. Jasmin is proof that you should take every opportunity that comes your way, you never know what it could lead to.