First of all a big thank you to Mr. Kumar, the AK Academy and its great team, in providing a great platform for all henna artists/makeup artists to stand proudly from and continue their amazing journeys. Taking the AK Henna Course June 2011 was an exceptional experience for me as I had little or no exposure to the wonderful world of henna. As a novice I have learnt much from the course and the mentorship of Mr. Kumar on my one to ones.

From knowing little about henna design and concept I have learnt to build my skill level and have come a tremendous way in a year since I first began my henna filled journey. I am thankful to the opportunities and blessings that have and continue to come into my life. I love the fact I can be creative and enjoy the experience of doing something that is more meaningful to me. The course has enabled me to develop more confidence in my abilities and to venture forward to new beginnings. I am extremely thankful to the encouragement and mentorship I have received from Mr. Kumar and his vast wealth of wisdom. 

As I continue to move on my journey loving the surroundings and inspirations that are around me everyday, I look forward to meeting all the brides and individuals who will travel on part of my journey as I will theirs. To being able to spread the joy and wonder of henna art where past traditions meet present and thus continue this timeless art form as it evolutions in format from decorating the bodies of the Egyptian Pharaohs to that of the most humblest of brides in this present day and age.

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